Species under Philobrya
n= 26
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Philobrya acutangula
(Powell, 1935)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya antarctica
(Philippi, 1868)
Southeast Pacific
Philobrya atlantica
Dall, 1895
Philobrya barbarta
Thiele, 1912
Philobrya brattstromi
Soot-Ryen, 1957
Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific 0.55
Philobrya capillata
Dell, 1964
Antarctic Atlantic
Philobrya crispa
Linse, 2002
Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific 0.35
Philobrya hamiltoni
(Hedley, 1916)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya inconspicua
Olsson & McGinty, 1958
Western Atlantic 0.27
Philobrya kerguelensis
(Smith, 1885)
Antarctic Indian Ocean
Philobrya laevis
Thiele, 1912
Antarctic Indian Ocean
Philobrya magellanica
(Stempell, 1899)
Western Atlantic
Philobrya meleagrina
(Bernard, 1896)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya meridionalis
(Smith, 1885)
Philobrya modiolus
Suter, 1913
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya multistriata
Lamy, 1908
Western Atlantic
Philobrya munita
(Finlay, 1930)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya obesa
Powell, 1958
Philobrya olstadi
(Soot-Ryen, 1951)
Philobrya pinctada
(Finlay, 1930)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya quadrata
(Pfeffer, 1866)
Southeast Pacific, Southwest Atlantic and the Antarctic
Philobrya sculpturalis
(Dell, 1956)
Southwest Pacific
Philobrya setosa
(Carpenter, 1864)
hairy philobrya Eastern Pacific and Western Central Atlantic 0.5
Philobrya sublaevis
Pelseneer, 1903
Southern Pacific, Southwest Atlantic and the Antarctic 0.6
Philobrya ungulata
(Pfeffer, 1886)
Western Atlantic 0.3
Philobrya wandelensis
Lamy, 1906
Southern Pacific, Southwest Atlantic and the Antarctic 0.5
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