Species under Halopteris
n= 16
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Halopteris alternata
(Nutting, 1900)
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Halopteris australis
Galea, 2018
Central Pacific
Halopteris brasiliensis
Galea, 2018
Southwest Atlantic
Halopteris campanula
Busk, 1852
Western Pacific
Halopteris carinata
Allman, 1877
Western Atlantic
Halopteris catharina
(Johnson, 1833)
Northeast Atlantic
Halopteris clarkei
(Nutting, 1900)
Western Atlantic
Halopteris constricta
Totton, 1930
Indo-Pacific and Southeast Atlantic
Halopteris diaphana
(Heller, 1868)
Western Central Pacific and Western Atlantic
Halopteris enersis
Galea, 2006
enersis hydroid Southeast Pacific
Halopteris geminata
(Allman, 1877)
Western Atlantic
Halopteris glutinosa
(Lamouroux, 1816)
Halopteris peculiaris
(Billard, 1913)
Western Central Pacific
Halopteris polymorpha
(Billard, 1913)
Western Central Pacific and Southwest Atlantic
Halopteris schucherti
Galea, 2006
Schuchert's hydroid Southeast Pacific
Halopteris tenella
(Verrill, 1874)
plume hydroid Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
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