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acid cured fish, cured fish, fish
Aestivating lungfishes, lungfishes dipneustes Peces pulmonados estivantes Lepidosirenā”œĀ”deos
Airbreathing catfishes, catfishes Clariidā”œāŒs Peces gato con respiraciā”œā”‚n aā”œāŒrea, clarideos ? Clariā”œĀ”deos
Airsac catfishes, catfishes Peces gato con respiraciā”œā”‚n a travā”œāŒs de la vejiga natatoria ? Heteropneustā”œĀ”deos
Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, Alaska Fisheries Science Center AFSC Centro de Ciencia Pesquera de Alaska, Seattle Centro de Ciā”œĀ¬ncias das Pescas do Alasca, Seatlle
Angelfishes poissons-anges peces ā”œĆ­ngel Pomacantā”œĀ”deos
Batfishes poules d'eau ogcocefā”œĆ­lidos; peces murciā”œāŒlago Ogcocefalā”œĀ”deo
Bluefishes tassergals pomatā”œā”‚midos; tasartes Pomatomā”œĀ”deo
culture-based capture fishery
annual fish, fish
Antarctic dragonfishes, dragonfishes dragons de mer antarctique dragones de mar antā”œĆ­rticos Batidraconā”œĀ”deos
apode fishes
Archerfishes poissons-archers peces arquero Toxotā”œĀ”deos
Arkansas Tech Fish Collection, Arkansas Tech Fish Collection ATFC Arkansas Tech Fish Collection Arkansas Tech Fish Collection Colecā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo Ictiolā”œā”‚gica da Universidade do Arcansas
Armored catfishes, catfishes loricariidā”œāŒs loricā”œĆ­ridos Loricariā”œĀ”deo
Armorhead catfishes, catfishes cranoglanā”œĀ”didos; peces gato de cabeza armada? Cranoglanā”œĀ”dideo
artisanal fisheries, fisheries pā”œĀ¬che artisanale pesquerā”œĀ”as artesanales pesca artesanal
Asiatic glassfishes, glassfishes poissons de verre peces de vidrio asiā”œĆ­ticos Ambassā”œĀ”deos
Auke Bay Fisheries Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska, Auke Bay Fisheries Laboratory ABL Auke Bay Fisheries Laboratory Auke Bay Fisheries Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Laboratā”œā”‚rio de Pescas de Auke Bay, Alaska
Australian lungfish, lungfish peces pulmonados australianos Ceratodontā”œĀ”deo
Ayu fish, fish peces Ayu Plecoglossā”œĀ”deo
Bagrid catfishes, catfishes mā”œĆ³choirons peces gato Bagrā”œĀ”deo
Baikal oilfishes, oilfishes comefā”œā”‚ridos? Comeforā”œĀ”deo
Bandfishes rubans cepā”œā”‚lidos? Cepolā”œĀ”deos
Banjo catfishes, catfishes croncrons aspredā”œĀ”nidos? Aspredinā”œĀ”deo
barbecued fish, fish
Barreleyes or spookfishes, or spookfishes, spookfishes opistoprā”œā”‚ctidos? Opistoproctā”œĀ”deos
Beardfishes barbudos peces barbudo; polimā”œĀ”xidos Polimixiā”œĀ”deo
Bigscale fishes or ridgeheads, fishes or ridgeheads, or ridgeheads poissons-heaumes melanfaidos? Melamfaā”œĀ”deos
bilgy fish
billfish marlins marlā”œĀ”n espadartes
Billfishes voiliers marlines Istioforā”œĀ”deos
Bim fish, fish
Black dragonfishes, dragonfishes idiacanthidā”œāŒs peces dragā”œā”‚n negros; idiacā”œĆ­ntidos Idiacantā”œĀ”deo
black fish
Boarfishes capros-sangliers caproideos; ochavos? Caproā”œĀ”deos
Bonefishes bananes de mer peces hueso; albā”œā•‘lidos Albulā”œĀ”deos
Boneless fish, fish
bony fishes, fish poissons osseux peces ā”œā”‚seos peixes ā”œā”‚sseos
Bottlenose or barbelless catfishes, or barbelless catfishes, barbelless catfishes ageneiā”œā”‚sidos; hocicos de botella; peces gato sin barbillones? Ageneiosā”œĀ”deos
Boxfishes (cowfish and trunkfish), (cowfish and trunkfish), and trunkfish) coffres ostrā”œĆ­cidos; peces cofre? Ostraciā”œĀ”deos
Bristlemouths or lightfishes, or lightfishes, lightfishes brossā”œāŒs et haches d'argent gonostā”œā”‚midos? Gonostomatā”œĀ”deo
Broken fish, fish
brood fish, fish
Butterfishes stromatā”œāŒs estromateidos? Estromateā”œĀ”deos
Butterflyfish pantodons pantodā”œā”‚ntidos; peces mariposa? Pantocontā”œĀ”deos
Butterflyfishes poissons-papillons chaetodā”œā”‚ntidos; peces mariposa? Caetodontā”œĀ”deos
Callichthyid armored catfishes, armored catfishes, catfishes poissons-chats casquā”œāŒs callā”œĀ”ctidos; peces gato? Calactiā”œĀ”deo
Cardinalfishes apogons apogā”œā”‚nidos; antoā”œā–’itos? Apogonā”œĀ”deos
cartilaginous fishes, fishes poissons cartilagineux peces cartilaginosos peixes cartilagā”œĀ”neos
catfish ball
cave fish
Caveached fish, fish
Cavefishes amblyopsis ambliā”œā”‚psidos? Ambliopsā”œĀ”deo
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin, India, Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Fisheries Research Institute CMFRI Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin, India Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin, India Instituto Central de Investigaā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo Pesqueira de Cochim, India
Chilled fish, fish
Christmas fish, fish
ciguatoxic fishes, fishes
cleaner fish imitator, fish imitator, imitator
Cleansed shellfish, shellfish
Climbing catfishes, catfishes astroblā”œāŒpidos? Astroblepā”œĀ”deo
Clingfishes and singleslits, and singleslits, singleslits barbiers gobiesā”œā”‚cidos? Gobioesocā”œĀ”deos
clipped roefish, roefish
Close fish, fish
clupeotoxic fishes
coarse fish
Cod icefishes, icefishes calandres, bocasses, lā”œāŒgines nototā”œāŒnidos Nototenā”œĀ”deo
Codfish brick, brick
Cold-smoked fish, fish
Complementary freshwater fishes, freshwater fishes, fishes poissons d'eau douce de remplacement peces de agua dulce complementarios; peces continentales complementarios peixes diā”œĆ­dromos que se tornaram dominantes em ā”œĆ­guas doces
Condensed fish solubles, fish solubles, solubles
Core fish, fish
cormorant fishing
Cornetfishes fistulaires fistulā”œĆ­ridos; peces trompeta Fistularā”œĀ”deos
Corre fish, fish
Crawfish meal, meal
Crestfishes lophotes lofā”œā”‚tidos? Lofotā”œĀ”deos
Crocodile icefishes, icefishes chanā”œĀ”ctidos Canactā”œĀ”deos
Cutlassfishes poissons sabres trichiā”œā•‘ridos; peces cinto; peces sable? Triquiurā”œĀ”deos
Damselfishes castagnoles pomacā”œāŒntridos? Pomacentrā”œĀ”deos
Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, California, University of California, Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fish. B MWFB Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, California Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, California Museu Davies da Vida Selvagem e Biologia das Pescas, California
Deep-sea anglerfish, anglerfish centrofrā”œĀ”nidos? Centrofrinā”œĀ”deos
Deepwater cardinalfishes, cardinalfishes sonneurs epigā”œā”‚nidos? Epigonā”œĀ”deo
dehydrated fish, fish
desiccated codfish, codfish
diced fish, fish
Diplomystid catfishes, catfishes diplomā”œĀ”stidos? Diplomistā”œĀ”deo
directed fishery, fishery pā”œĀ¬che sā”œāŒlective pesquerā”œĀ”a dirigida
Division of Fisheries Sciences, Science Course, Course MUFS
doctor fish
Dog fish, fish
Dogfish sharks, sharks aiguillats escuā”œĆ­lidos? Esqualā”œĀ”deos
Dredged fish, fish
dressed fish, fish poisson parā”œāŒ pescado preparado; pescado limpio; pescado eviscerado y descabezado peixe preparado sem cabeā”œĀŗa e sem vā”œĀ”sceras
dried fish, fish
dried salted fish, salted fish, fish
Driftfishes physaliers nomeidos? Nomeā”œĀ”deos
Driftwood catfishes, catfishes aucheniptā”œāŒridos? Auquenipterā”œĀ”deo
dropline fishing, fishing
dry fish, fish
dry salted fish, salted fish, fish
Dum fish, fish
Dumb fish, fish
Dun fish, fish
dynamite fishing, fishing
Eating fish, fish
ecosystem overfishing
Eeltail catfishes, catfishes plotosidā”œāŒs plotā”œā”‚sidos? Plotosā”œĀ”deo
Electric catfishes, catfishes poissons-chats ā”œāŒlectriques malapterā”œā•‘ridos? Malapterurā”œĀ”deos
electric fishes, fishes
electrical fishing, fishing
electrogenic fishes, fishes poissons ā”œāŒlectriques peces electrogā”œāŒnicos peixes electrogā”œāŒnicos
Elephantfishes mormyres mormā”œĀ”ridos; peces elefante? Mormirā”œĀ”deos
Hard smoked fish, smoked fish, fish
Parakysid catfishes, catfishes Paraquisā”œĀ”deos
Far Seas Fisheries Research Laboratory, Orido, Japan, Seas Fisheries Research Laboratory, Fisheries Research Laboratory FSFL Far Seas Fisheries Research Laboratory, Orido, Japan Far Seas Fisheries Research Laboratory, Orido, Japan Laboratā”œā”‚rio da Pescarias Longinquas, Orida, Japā”œĆŗo
Fatty fish, fish
Featherbacks or knifefishes, or knifefishes, knifefishes poissons-couteaux ou notoptā”œāŒridā”œāŒs notoptā”œāŒridos Notopterā”œĀ”deos
fee fishing, fishing
Fermented fish paste, fish paste, paste
Fermented fish sauce, fish sauce, sauce
Fibred codfish, codfish
Filefishes bourses monacā”œĆ­ntidos Monacantā”œĀ”deos
finfish poisson (ā”œĆ” nageoires) pez de aleta (finfish) peixes ā”œā”‚sseos
fish poisson pez peixe
Fish ball, ball
fish block, block bloc de poisson bloque de pescado filete em blocos
fish box, box
Fish cake, cake
Fish chowder, chowder
fish collection, collection collection de poissons colecciā”œā”‚n de peces colecā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo de peixes
fish court, court
fish diverter, diverter
Fish dumpling, dumpling
fish finder, finder
Fish fingers, fingers
Fish flakes, flakes
Fish flour, flour
fish gig, gig
Fish glue, glue
fish gravy, gravy
fish ham, ham
fish handling, handling
fish hold, hold
fish hut, hut
fish in aspic, in aspic, aspic
Fish in jelly, in jelly, jelly
fish kill, kill
fish ladder, ladder
Fish liver, liver
Fish liver paste, liver paste, paste
fish maw, maw
Fish meal, meal
Fish nuggets, nuggets
Fish oils, oils
Fish paste, paste
fish pen, pen
Fish pie, pie
fish poisoning, poisoning
fish pot, pot
Fish protein concentrate, protein concentrate, concentrate FPC
fish protein concentration (FPC), protein concentration (FPC), concentration (FPC)
fish pump, pump
fish raceway, raceway
fish rake, rake
fish sanctuary, sanctuary
Fish sausage, sausage
Fish scales, scales
Fish silage, silage
Fish soup, soup
fish spear, spear
Fish stearin, stearin
Fish sticks, sticks
fish tank, tank
fish weiner, weiner
fish weire, weire; weir; barricade, weir; barricade bordigue; bourdigue
fish well, well
fish wheel, wheel
Fish Wiener, Wiener
FishBase FishBase FishBase FishBase
fisher pā”œĀ¬cheur pescador pescador
Fisheries Research Centre, Research Centre, Centre FRCL
Fisheries Research Laboratory, Mie University, Research Laboratory, Mie University, Laboratory, Mie University FRLM Fisheries Research Laboratory, Mie University
Fisheries Research Station, Kyoto University, Research Station, Kyoto University, Station, Kyoto University FRSKU
fishery pā”œĀ¬cherie pesquerā”œĀ”a pescaria
fishery biologist
fishery biology
fishery dependent data
fishery independent data
fishing effort, effort effort de pā”œĀ¬che esfuerzo de pesca esforā”œĀŗo de pesca
fishing gear, gear
fishing hole, hole
fishing industry, industry
fishing line, line
fishing lodge, lodge
fishing mortality, mortality F mortalitā”œāŒ due ā”œĆ” la pā”œĀ¬che mortalidad por pesca mortalidade por pesca
fishing pit
fishing power
fishing rod
fishing tackle
fishing time
fishmeal farine de poisson harina de pescado refeiā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo de peixe
fish-odour syndrome
fishpond ā”œāŒtang piscicole estanque para peces recife artificial
Flabby whalefishes, whalefishes poissons-baleines cetomā”œĀ”midos Cetomimā”œĀ”deos
Flaked cod fish, cod fish, fish
flatfish poisson-plat pez plano peixes planos
Floater fish, fish
Floaters fish, fish
fly fishing
Flyingfishes exocets exocoā”œāŒtidos; peces voladores Exocetā”œĀ”deos
fodder fish
food fish
Footballfishes poissons football himantolā”œā”‚fidos Himantolofā”œĀ”deos
forage fish
Four-eyed fishes and jenynsiids, fishes and jenynsiids, and jenynsiids poissons-ā”œĆ”-quatre-yeux anablā”œāŒpidos Anablepā”œĀ”deos
Fresh fish, fish
Freshwater hatchetfishes, hatchetfishes poissons-hachettes d'eau douce gasteropelā”œāŒcidos Gastropelecā”œĀ”deos
Frogfishes antennaires antenā”œĆ­ridos Antenarā”œĀ”deos
Frozen fish, fish
Full cured fish, cured fish, fish
Full pickle fish, pickle fish, fish
fully fished
Galjoen fishes, fishes coracā”œĀ”nidos Coracinā”œĀ”deos
game fish, fisheries
gefilte fish
gempylotoxic fishes
Ghost pipefishes, pipefishes poissons-trompettes solenostā”œā”‚midos Solenoestomā”œĀ”deos
Gibberfishes giberā”œĀ”ctidos Giberictā”œĀ”deos
Glass perchlets, perchlets, asiatic glassfishes, asiatic glassfishes poissons-de-verre ambā”œĆ­sidos Ambassā”œĀ”deos
Gnomefishes escombrā”œā”‚pidos Scombropā”œĀ”deos
Goatfishes rouget-barbets mā”œā•‘lidos, salmonetes Mulā”œĀ”deos
Goosefishes baudroies rapes Lofiā”œĀ”deos
Great Law of Fishing
Green fish, fish
groundfish poisson de fond peces de fondo peixe bentā”œā”‚nico
growth overfishing, overfishing surexploitation de la croissance sobrexplotaciā”œā”‚n de crecimiento deplecā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo por sobrepesca
Grunters, or tigerperches, thornfishes, tigerperches, thornfishes terapā”œā”‚ntidos Teraponā”œĀ”deos
Guitarfishes guitares-de-mer rinobā”œĆ­tidos, guitarras Rinobatā”œĀ”deos
gutted fish, fish
Hagfishes myxines mixā”œĀ”nidos Mixinā”œĀ”deos
Hairyfish and tapetails or ribbonbearers, and tapetails or ribbonbearers, tapetails or ribbonbearers mirapā”œĀ”nnidos Mirapinā”œĀ”deos
half spent fish
Half-salted fish, fish
hallucinogenic fishes
Hawkfishes ā”œāŒperviers cirrā”œĀ”tidos Cirritā”œĀ”deos
headed fish, fish
Heavy fish, fish
Hokkaido University, Faculty of Fisheries, Minato-machi, Japan, Univ., Laboratory of Marine Zoology, Laboratory of Marine Zoology HUMZ Hokkaido University, Faculty of Fisheries, Minato-machi, Japan Universidade de Hokaido, Faculdade das pescas, Minato-machi, Japā”œĆŗo
Homogenized condensed fish, condensed fish, fish
Hot marinated fish, marinated fish, fish
ice fishing
Icefishes or noodlefishes, or noodlefishes, noodlefishes salangidā”œāŒs salā”œĆ­ngidos Salangā”œĀ”deos
ichthyocrinotoxic fishes
ichthyohemotoxic fishes
ichthyohepatotoxic fishes
ichthyootoxic fishes
ichthyosarcotoxic fishes
industrial fish, fish
industrial fishery
inshore fishery
integrated fish farming, fish farming, farming
International Game Fish association, Game Fish association, Fish association IGFA International Game Fish association International Game Fish association Associaā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo Internacional de Pesca Grossa
Jawfishes opistognā”œĆ­tidos Opistognatā”œĀ”deos
jellyfish mā”œāŒduse medusas sifozoā”œĆ­rios
Jellynose fishes, fishes ateleopā”œā”‚didos Ateleopodā”œĀ”deos
Jersey fish, fish
Kanudi Fisheries Research Station, Konedobu, Papua New Guinea, Fisheries Research Station, Research Station KFRS Kanudi Fisheries Research Station, Konedobu, Papua New Guinea Estaā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo de Investigaā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo das Pescas Kanudi, Konedobu, Papua, Nova Guinā”œāŒ
Kelpfishes quironā”œāŒmidos Quironemā”œĀ”deos
Killifishes (toothcarps), (toothcarps) fondules ciprinodā”œā”‚ntidos Ciprinodontā”œĀ”deo
klondyked fish, fish
Lady day fish , day fish , fish
Lancetfishes lanciers alepisaā”œā•‘ridos Alepisaurā”œĀ”deos
Lanterneye fishes, fishes anomalā”œā”‚pidos Anomalopā”œĀ”deos
Lanternfishes poissons-lanternes mictā”œā”‚fidos, peces linterna Mictofā”œĀ”deos
Largenose fishes, fishes megalomictā”œāŒridos Megalomicterā”œĀ”deos
Law of Fishing
Leaffishes nandidā”œāŒs nā”œĆ­ndidos Nandā”œĀ”deos
Lightfishes fosā”œĀ”ctidos Fosictā”œĀ”deos
limited entry fishery, entry fishery, fishery pā”œĀ¬cherie contrā”œā”¤lā”œāŒe pesquerā”œĀ”a controlada pescaria com quotas autorizadas
liquid fish
Lizardfishes poissons-lā”œāŒzards sinodā”œā”‚ntidos, peces lagarto Sinodontā”œĀ”deos
Loach catfishes, catfishes anfā”œĀ”lidos Anfilā”œĀ”deos
Longtail catfishes, catfishes olā”œĀ”ridos Olirā”œĀ”deos
Long-whiskered catfishes, catfishes pimelodidā”œāŒs pimelā”œā”‚didos Pimelodā”œĀ”deos
Lophichthyid frogfishes, frogfishes lofā”œĀ”ctidos, peces rana Loficteā”œĀ”deos
Louisiana State University, Division of Fishes, Museum of Zoology, Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Museum of Zoology LSUMZ Louisiana State University, Division of Fishes, Museum of Zoology, Baton Rouge Universidade de Louisiana, Divisā”œĆŗo dos Peixes, Museu de Zoologia, Baton Rouge
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Marine Biological Laboratory Museum, Louisiana, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries LWF Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Marine Biological Laboratory Museum, Louisiana Museu do Laboratā”œā”‚rio da Vida Selvagem e Pesca de Luisiana, Luisiana
Loweye catfishes, catfishes Hipoftalmā”œĀ”deos
Lumpfishes and snailfishes, and snailfishes, snailfishes cycloptā”œāŒridā”œāŒs, liā”œĀævres de mer, poules de mer, limaces de mer Ciclopterā”œĀ”deos
Makassar fish, fish
Manefishes caristidā”œāŒs Caristiā”œĀ”deos
Marbled catfishes, catfishes Helogeneā”œĀ”deos
Marblefishes Aplodactilā”œĀ”deos
Medusafishes centrolophes Centrolofā”œĀ”deos
mild cured fish
mild smoked fish
Milkfish chanos Chanā”œĀ”deos
minced fish
mixed fishery
monocyclic fish, fish
Moonfish assiettes Menā”œĀ”deos
Moonfishes or fingerfishes, or fingerfishes, fingerfishes monodactylidā”œāŒs Monodactilā”œĀ”deos
Mud fish, fish
Naked-back knifefishes, knifefishes gymnotes Gimnotā”œĀ”deos
National Marine Fisheries Service La Jolla Laboratory, California, National Marine Fisheries Service La Jolla Laboratory NMFSLJ Serviā”œĀŗo Nacional das Pescas, La Jolla, Califā”œā”‚rnia
Needlefishes orphies Belonā”œĀ”deos
NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, Marine Fisheries Service NMFSH
North American freshwater catfishes, American freshwater catfishes, freshwater catfishes poissons chats d'Amā”œāŒrique du Nord Ictalurā”œĀ”deos
Nurseryfishes Kurtā”œĀ”deos
Oarfishes rā”œāŒgalecs Regalecā”œĀ”deos
offshore fishery
oily fish
open access fishery, access fishery, fishery pā”œĀ¬cherie non rā”œĀæglementā”œāŒe pescaria sem limite de captura
Orbicular velvetfishes, velvetfishes Caracantā”œĀ”deos
overfishing surexploitation sobrepesca
Pacific Ocean Research Institute for Sea Fisheries and Oceanography, Ocean Research Institute for Sea Fisheries and Oceanography TINRO
Paddlefishes spatules Poliodontā”œĀ”deos
Parrotfishes poissons-perroquets Scarā”œĀ”deos
Pinecone fishes, fishes poissons-ananas Monocentrā”œĀ”deos
Refuse fish, fish
Sandfishes toroumoques Tricodontā”œĀ”deos
Sandfishes or sand gobies, or sand gobies, sand gobies bourgettes Krameriā”œĀ”deos
Sandy Hook Marine Laboratory, Northeast Fisheries Center, New Jersey, Sandy Hook Marine Laboratory SHML Sandy Hook Marine Laboratory, Northeast Fisheries Center Laboratā”œā”‚rio Marā”œĀ”timo de Nova Jersey
pasteurized fish, fish
Pearlfishes aurins Carapā”œĀ”deos
Pencil or parasitic catfishes, or parasitic catfishes, parasitic catfishes trichomyctā”œāŒridā”œāŒs Tricomicterā”œĀ”deos
Pennsylvania State University Fish Museum, Pennsylvania State University Fish Museum PSU Museu Ictiolā”œā”‚gico da Universidade da Pensilvā”œĆ³nia
physoclistous fishes, fishes poissons physoclistes peixes fisoclā”œĀ”sticos
pickle cured fish, cured fish, fish
Pink fish, fish
Pipefishes and seahorses, and seahorses, seahorses hippocampes Singnatā”œĀ”deos
Plunderfishes Harpagiferā”œĀ”deos
poison fishing
poisonous fishes
Polar Research Institute for Sea Fisheries and Oceanography, Research Institute for Sea Fisheries and Oceanography, Institute for Sea Fisheries and Oceanography PINRO
pole-and-line fishing
polycyclic fishes
Ponyfishes sapsaps Leiognatā”œĀ”deos
Porcupinefishes poissons porc-ā”œāŒpics Diodontā”œĀ”deos
Pricklefishes Stefanobericā”œĀ”deos
primary freshwater fishes, freshwater fishes, fishes poissons d'eau douce primaires peixes dulceaquā”œĀ”colas primā”œĆ­rios
prowfish zaproridā”œāŒ Zaprorā”œĀ”deos
Prowfishes Pataecā”œĀ”deos
Puerto Rico fish, rico fish, fish
pulse fishing
pump fishing vessel
put-and-take fishery
Pygmy sunfishes, sunfishes Elassomatā”œĀ”deos
Quillfishes fouettes-queues
Rabbitfishes cordonniers Siganā”œĀ”deos
Racehorses or pigfishes, or pigfishes, pigfishes caciques Congiopodā”œĀ”deos
raft fishing
Ragfishes torchon
rains of fishes
rate of fishing F
recreational fishery
recruitment overfishing, overfishing surexploitation du recrutement sobrepesca
Red velvetfishes, velvetfish
redfish oil
Redmouth whalefishes, whalefishes poissons-baleines Rondeletā”œĀ”deos
Ribbonfishes poissons-rubans Traquipterā”œĀ”deos
Ricefishes Adrianictā”œĀ”deos
ripe fish, fish poisson mature fā”œĀ¬mea ovada
Rolled fish, fish
Roosterfishes plumā”œĀære
rotational fishery, fishery
rough fish, fish
Round fish, fish
Roused fish, fish
Sabertooth fishes, fishes Evermanelā”œĀ”deos
Sablefishes charbonniā”œĀæres communes Anoplomatā”œĀ”deos
Salamanderfishes Lepidogalaxiā”œĀ”deos
Salt cured fish, cured fish, fish
Salt fish, fish
salt round fish, round fish, fish
San Diego State University Fish Collection, California, San Diego State University SDSU San Diego State University Fish Collection, California Colecā”œĀŗā”œĆŗo Ictiolā”œā”‚gica da Universidade de San Diego, San Diego, Califā”œā”‚rnia
Sawfishes poissons-scies Pristā”œĀ”deos
Southeastern Louisiana, University Fish Museum, Louisiana, Southeastern Louisiana, University SLU Southeastern Louisiana, University Fish Museum, Louisiana Museu Ictiolā”œā”‚gico da Universidade de Luisiana, Hammond, Luisiana
Southern sandfishes, sandfishes Leptoescopā”œĀ”deos
Spadefishes, batfishes and scats, and scats Ephipā”œĀ”deos
Spanish fish, fish
Wormfishes Microsdesmā”œĀ”deos
Wreckfishes cerniers Poliprionā”œĀ”deos
scale fish, fish
Scaleless black dragonfishes, black dragonfishes, dragonfishes mā”œāŒlanostomiidā”œāŒs Melanostomā”œĀ”deos
Scaly dragonfishes, dragonfishes stomiidā”œāŒs Stomiā”œĀ”deos
Schilbid catfishes, catfishes schilbā”œāŒidā”œāŒs Schilbeā”œĀ”deos
scombrotoxic fishes, fishes
Scorpionfishes or rockfishes, or rockfishes, rockfishes rascasses Escorpaenā”œĀ”deos
Screwed fish, fish
Sea catfishes, catfishes mā”œĆ³choirons Ariā”œĀ”deos
secondary freshwater fishes, freshwater fishes, fishes poissons d'eau douce secondaires eurihalinos
selective fishery, fishery
senescent fishery, fishery
shack fishing, fishing
Shanghai Fisheries University, Fisheries University, University SFU
Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai, China, Fisheries University, Shanghai, China, University, Shanghai, China SFC
Shark catfishes, catfishes pangases Pangassiā”œĀ”deos
Sheatfishes silures Silurā”œĀ”deos
shellfish fruits de mer marisco
shoaling fish, fish
shoals, (of fish), fish) bancs cardumes
Shortnose chimaeras or ratfishes, chimaeras or ratfishes, or ratfishes chimā”œĀæres Quimerā”œĀ”deos
Sicklefishes Drepanā”œĀ”deos
Sisorid catfishes, catfishes Sisorā”œĀ”deos
skinless fish, fish
skinned fish, fish
Skriggled codfish, codfish
slacked fish, fish
small-scale fishery, fishery
Smoked fish, fish
Snipefishes and shrimpfishes, and shrimpfishes, shrimpfishes centriscidā”œāŒs Centriscā”œĀ”deos
Soldierfishes poissons-soldats Holocentrā”œĀ”deos
sour fish
Southeast Fisheries Center, Florida, Southeast Fisheries Center SEFC Southeast Fisheries Center, Florida Centro de Pescas do Sudeste, Miami, Flā”œā”‚rida
spawning fish, fish
spawning fishery
spent fish, fish poisson ā”œāŒpuisā”œāŒ peixe em pā”œā”‚s-postura
Spice cured fish, cured fish, fish
Spikefishes Triacantodā”œĀ”deos
spin fishing, fishing
Spiny dwarf catfishes, dwarf catfishes, catfishes Escoloplacā”œĀ”deos
Split fish, fish
sporadic fishes
sporadic freshwater fishes, freshwater fishes, fishes poissons d'eau douce sporadiques peixes dulceaquā”œĀ”colas esporā”œĆ­dicos
sport fish, fish
sport fishing
Squareheads or angler catfishes, or angler catfish, angler catfish
Squeakers or upside-down catfishes, or upside-down catfishes, upside-down catfishes Mocoquā”œĀ”deos
Squirrelfishes marignans Holocentrā”œĀ”deos
Stale dry fish, dry fish, fish
Statutary Fishing Rights, Fishing Rights, Rights
stock fish
Straits fish, fish
Stream catfishes, catfishes Aquisā”œĀ”deos
subsistence fisheries, fisheries
subsistence fishery, fishery pā”œĀ¬cherie de subsistance pescaria de subsistā”œĀ¬ncia
Sugar cured fish, cured fish, fish
Summer cod-fish, cod-fish
Summer fish, fish
Sun-dried fish, fish
Sunfishes perches-soleil Centrarquā”œĀ”deos
Surgeonfishes, tangs, unicornfishes, unicornfishes poissons-chirurgiens Acanturā”œĀ”deos
sustainable fishing
Swordfishes espadons
Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Chilung, Taiwan, Fisheries Research Institute, Research Institute TFRI Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Chilung, Taiwan Instituto das Pescas da Formosa, Chilung, Taiwan, China
Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Taitung, Taiwan, Fisheries Research Institute, Taitung, Taiwan, Research Institute, Taitung, Taiwan TFRI-TT
Tasmanian Fisheries Development Authority, Fisheries Development Authority, Development Authority TFDA
Telescopefishes Giganturā”œĀ”deos
terminal fisheries, fisheries
tetrodotoxic fishes
Thornfishes Bovictā”œĀ”deos
Thorny catfishes, catfishes doradidā”œāŒs Doradā”œĀ”deos
Tilefishes tiles Malacantā”œĀ”deos
Toadfishes poissons crapauds Batracoā”œĀ”deos
Tokyo University of Fisheries, Ichthyological Laboratory, Tokyo, Univ. of Fish., Ichthyological Laboratory, of Fish., Ichthyological Laboratory TUFIL Tokyo University of Fisheries, Ichthyological Laboratory Universidade das Pescas de Tā”œā”‚quio, Laboratā”œā”‚rio de Ictiologia, Tā”œā”‚quio
Tonguefishes cynoglosses Cinoglossā”œĀ”deos
Torrent catfishes, catfishes Amblicipitā”œĀ”deos
transformation in fish larvae, in fish larvae, fish larvae transformation de larve de poisson
transnational fishery
trap fishing
trash fish, fish faux-poissons peixe sem valor
treatment of poisoning of venomous fishes
Triggerfishes balistes Balistā”œĀ”deos
troll fishery
Trumpetfishes poissons-trompettes Aulostomā”œĀ”deos
Unicornfishes licornes, nasons Acanturā”œĀ”deos
unisexual fish
University Museum, Tokyo, Tokyo, Dep. Fish., University Museum, Dep. Fish., University Museum FUMT University Museum, Tokyo Museu da Universidade, Tā”œā”‚quio
University of Arizona Museum, University of Arizona Fish Collection UAZ University of Arizona Museum Museu da Universidade de Arizona
University of British Columbia Fish Museum, Vancouver, University of British Columbia Fish Museum BC University of British Columbia Fish Museum, Vancouver Museu Ictiolā”œā”‚gico da Universidade da Colā”œā•‘mbia Britā”œĆ³nica, Vancouver
University of California Fish Museum, Santa Barbara, University of California Fish Museum UCSB University of California Fish Museum, Santa Barbara Museu Ictiolā”œā”‚gico Universidade da Califā”œā”‚rnia, Santa Bā”œĆ­rbara
University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine Science, Miami, University of Miami Fish Collection UMML University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine Science Universidade de Miami, Escola de Ciā”œĀ¬ncias Marinhas Rosenstiel, Miami
Velvet whalefishes, whalefishes Barbourisā”œĀ”deos
Velvetfishes Aploactinā”œĀ”deos
venomous fishes
vicarious fishes
Vinegar cured fish, cured fish, fish
Viperfishes chauliodes Cauliodontā”œĀ”deos
warmwater fishes
Warty anglers (handfishes), anglers (handfishes), (handfishes) Braquionictiā”œĀ”deos
Waryfishes guetteurs Notosudā”œĀ”deos
weed fish
Weeverfishes vives Traquinā”œĀ”deos
wet fish
Wet salted fish, salted fish, fish
Whalelike catfishes, catfishes cā”œāŒtopsidā”œāŒs Cetopsā”œĀ”deos
White fish, fish
whole fish, fish
wind dried fish
Wolffishes poissons-loups Anarincadā”œĀ”deos
yellow fish, fish
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