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77081 Cartes, J.E. and J.C. Sorbe 1997 Bathyal cumaceans of the Catalan Sea (North-western Mediterranean): faunistic composition, diversity and near botom distribution along the slope (between 389 and 1859m). Journal of Natural History 31(7):1041-1054. 1997 Styloptocuma gracillimum -->
86487 Corbera, J. and A. Garcia-rubies 1998 Cumaceans (Crustacea) of the Medes Islands (Catalonia, Spain) with special attention to the genera Bodotria and Iphinoe. Scientia Marina 62(1-2):101-112. 1998 Styloptocuma gracillimum -->
86490 Corbera, J. and B.S. Galil 2001 Cumaceans (Crustacea, Peracarida) from the lower slope of the northern Israel coast, with a discussion on the status of Platysympus typicus. Israel Journal of Zoology 47(2):135-146. 2001 Styloptocuma gracillimum -->
86492 Madurell, T. and J.E. Cartes 2003 The suprabenthic peracarid fauna collected at bathyal depths in the Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). Crustaceana 76(5):611-624. 2003 Styloptocuma gracillimum -->
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85341 Corbera, J. 2010 Checklist of the Order Cumacea (Phylum Arthropoda), with enumeration of references in each region of the Meditteranean Sea. pp. 237-246 In Coll, M., et al., 2010. The biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea: estimates, patterns, and threats. PLoS ONE 5(8):36pp. 2010 Styloptocuma gracillimum 240
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