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Jasus lalandii   (Milne-Edwards, 1837)

Cape rock lobster
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Image of Jasus lalandii (Cape rock lobster)
Picture by FAO

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Malacostraca | Decapoda | Palinuridae

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Holthuis, L.B. 1991. (Ref. 4)

Size / Weight / Age

Max length : 46.0 cm BL male/unsexed; (Ref. 4)


Benthic; depth range 0 - 200 m (Ref. 4)

Climate / Range

Subtropical, preferred 18°C (Ref. 107945); 21°S - 37°S, 12°E - 26°E (Ref. 4)

Distribution Countries | FAO areas | Ecosystems | Occurrences | Introductions

Southeast Atlantic: Namibia to South Africa.

Biology     Glossary (e.g. epibenthic)

It has a maximum total body length of 46 cm and a carapace length of 18 cm. Maximum depth from Ref. 113432. Fisheries: The tails of this species are exported frozen in the shell, or peeled and canned. Experimental work on culture techniques for this species are underway in South Africa. Protective measures includes a size limit (carapace length 8.5 cm), a closed season from July 1 to October 31, bag limits for sports fishermen (2 specimens per day), and the prohibition of taking ovigerous females or soft shelled specimens (Ref. 4). Occurs at depths from 0 to 46 m of coastal waters and inhabits rocky bottoms, sometimes with patches of sand and mud (Ref. 4). The males molt between September and December. In the females, molting occurs in April or May, after which copulation takes place. Ovigerous females are found from May to October (Ref. 4).

IUCN Red List Status (Ref. 114614)

CITES status (Ref. 94142)

Not Evaluated

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Vulnerability (Ref. 71543)
Moderate vulnerability (36 of 100)
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Very high