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How to contribute pictures

FishBase currently has around 20,000 pictures of about 8,000 fish species. There are many species that still lack photos in the database, especially of freshwater and aquarium fishes. If you have good quality photos of these species, we would be interested to use them in FishBase. The copyright will remain with you. We will attach your name to every photo and make your contact address and URL available in FishBase (if you agree). A minimum of three photos accepted and used in FishBase is required, for you to receive a free copy of the FishBase CD-ROM but this requirement may not apply in some cases. Those with exceptional, hard-to-find photo may also qualify for a free copy.

There are three options to contribute pictures:

  1. Post slides or prints by airmail to
    MC P.O. Box 2631
    0718 Makati City
    We will scan the slides/prints and return them to you, together with your copy of FishBase.
  2. If you have your own scanner you may scan the photos in max 640 * 480 pixels resolution, true color, and save them as JPEG with a compression that results in a file size of 30-80 kilobytes. You can send the photos on diskette or attach them to your e-mail or tell us from where to download (FTP) them. Please provide a list with the file names, locality, and date when the photo was taken.
  3. If you have already scanned your photos in high resolution on a Kodak Photo CD-ROM, you may either resample them to the resolution indicated above in option 2, or send us the CD-ROM and allow us to do the resampling. In any case, don't forget to provide the list of file names.
  4. For every picture, please give as much as possible of the following information:
    • scientific name of the fish
    • estimated total length in cm
    • country, locality and/or aquarium where the photo was taken
    • date when the photo was taken

    Please also indicate what book (author, year, title) you used to identify the fish.

    Thank you for your help. We are looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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